Closely held businesses have a special set of professional needs for sophisticated, multifaceted financial advice. Schultz Associates understands these needs and provides solutions for success in the dynamic, complex, and competitive business environment. We collaborate with companies from start-up through succession, with a special focus on clients with assets in real estate and multifamily construction/development. 

We build strong relationships with our clients in order to determine their specific operational, accounting, and business service needs. We work closely with owners to plan for the future, nurturing relationships that help companies to manage, create, and grow their wealth. We’ll help you position your assets and improve your operational processes in order to maximize results, with a flexible business strategy informed by your company’s strategic vision.

At the end of the day, it’s all about the bottom line. At Schultz Associates, we are always looking for opportunities for our clients to grow, change, and diversify – all with a clear view of their big-picture goals.


Owner’s Representative
Assistance with Development / Construction Projects
Startup and Growth Planning
Dispositions and Acquisitions
Business Planning
Asset Management
Shareholder/Partner Agreement Design
Operational and Performance Reviews
Back-Office Support
Tax Assistance

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